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Earn money easily on the Net
and/or bring thousands of
visitors on your site


An easy and funny way to earn money on the Internet and/or to
bring visitors who are as many prospective customers is to be
registered near sites of traffic exchange. These ones function in order to
save to you one visitor by visited site (or with a ratio of 2:1 or other).
Perhaps as you know it the search engines as Google refer the sites
- between other - according to the multitude of visitors, i.e. the
larger the traffic on a site is, the quite with dimensions this site
will be and its higher row (the importance of this parameter takes all
its direction when one knows that there are several tens of thousands
of sites for only one key word and that the majority of the Net
surfers read the first, even the second or the third page but seldom
exceed to it tenth before finding what they seek). If you are
interested to receive more than 8000 new visitors per month but which
you do not have the time of surfing, contact me and I will undertake
some for an amount more than accessible.

 Yes, I am interesting in this matter.

How to earn money on the Internet

You will find below a list of sites of traffic exchange carefully selected
which propose to you to be remunerated by visiting
other sites. Incredible do you say? I was skeptic also, at the
beginning in any case. But I took up the challenge and with the
passing days, I went to the obviousness which my banking account
enlarged at sight of eye, and in an exponential way. I had well to
provide some efforts the first days but, once the system set up, it
turns all alone. It is the perpetual motion. The new surfers flow
without one not having to be worried some any more. However, you do
not stop in so good way, continue still and still to seek new members.

I feel that you lose patience already. Then here,
I will all explain you:

- firstly you should be registered free (join, sign up) near each
site of traffic exchange mentioned below while following the
instructions and by filling the necessary fields:

fastfreeway | trafficg | clicksmatrix | ts25 | trafficpods | eternalhits | hitpulse | trafficroundup | mysticalmaze | webbizinsider | prohitplus | vinterchange | moneyandhits | surftiger | fontoon | wolfsurfer | hits4us | webmasterquest | hitsforhits

some of them offer even credits to you at the time of your
inscription (until 20' 000!) and/or give you the possibility to surf
automatically (autosurf), while you sleep or while you study or work,
for example. But attention, in this last case, the incomes are generally lower.
Moreover some make it possible only to swap visitors and not to gain
cash. It's up to you, what you would  like to receive : visitors on your site
or money. You can also , like me, offer your services to companies
  which want to rise their site in the classification of search engines on
 Internet -but do not have time to click- while bringing visitors to it and
explain them what they have to gain with it.

- secondly, your earned money will be credited on an account near
PayPal, e-gold, Storm Pay, PayAce, IntGold or other (two first being
the principal ones). This is why you should at least open an account with
one of these establishments. However certain sites of Traffic Exchange
  agree to credit your credit card or to send you a bank check. 
- thirdly the fact of surfing on these sites will not make you
millionaires. The payment per click (PPC) is not enough high to
ensure you a comfortable and regular monthly income. For that you
should be built a downline (it is what I am making in this moment
with you, dear reader). To find, by a means or another (friends,
relationship, colleagues of work, knowledges, Internet...), other people who
want to easily become rich all while investing themselves
somewhat at the beginning. Do not miss an occasion. Indeed, you do not
gain only while clicking but also by the clicks of the people
whom you engaged, for a certain percentage, until the 10th generation
for some but at least until 4th. What wants to say that the incomes
are exponential! Imagine that you find ten people who are interested
but only two which will go until the end and that these two people
also find ten of which two only will go until the end, etc. Your
business will increase in a pyramidal way. Listen rather: 2 X 2 X 2 X
2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 1024. And if, like me, each one of them
clicks a thousand of times per day (forty clicks on each site)
you can imagine fortune that that represents at the end of a few weeks
or of a few months. A small graph will be more explicit:



Your downline

(you receive money of each member, until the 10th generation. On this
picture, you can see only 4 of them. And more, this graph was calculated
only on the assumption that each member finds only two new ones).
etc. The width of the table is not enough large to contain the whole.

Moreover, the majority of these Traffic Exchange sites will send you
regularly, if you wish so, a newsletter by e-mail which
will give you all the tricks to build your downline more quickly, to
earn more money or even to attend online to international conferences
 about this subject directed by pros, this directly on your PC.

However, one should not mistake, it is not a question there of a play
of the plane or other in which one exchanges oneself or one is sent
money and who is prohibited in a number of countries, at all. You are
remunerated by the work which you provide and by the commissions that
you receive from the people who work below you, like certain
commercial or representatives who are section heads and gain a
percentage on the sales turnover of their downline, without
counting time that you devote to it. Moreover, the customers of these
companies pay the full price to have traffic on their Internet site
(see above, "Why bring visitors on your site").

If you wish surfing more quickly you can download free crazy
with which you will be able to work on only one page,
with a system of mitre for each site (you will even be
able to download a pop up blocker software, quite useful if you do not
want that your computer is saturated with them).
But according to my own experiment advise you
to wait until at least one image is downloaded before
passing to the following mitre. Indeed by not applying this
instruction you would be likely "to lose" a mitre (break the frame).
However, if that were nevertheless to arrive, always have a print under
the hand or better, an open Word file with the bonds of all the sites
with which you work (surfing link) as their user ID and respective
passwords. You will be able thus easily to find the missing site
and to do one copy-to stick not to lose too much time.

The purpose of the "game" is to click on an icon, a letter, a
word, a figure or a color which you will find on the top or the
bottom of the screen, to wait between 10 and 30 seconds (the countdown
is posted on the majority of the sites whereas others are satisfied
with a "wait for credit" or of a "please wait") and to
pass to the following. If you decided to take crazy browser as working tool
you will not need to wait: indeed, once the operation
carried out and after having awaited the remote loading of the first
image, you pass to the mitre (site) according to and so on. When you
return to the first site, the latency required will have passed and
you will be able directly to click to arrive on the next site.

The explanations that I give to you will make it possible you
here to take your first steps, to consolidate your position in this
business, to gain your first dollars and finally to quickly pass
to an avalanche incomes which will be growing.

If you do not have a site yet and do not have the means of you of
making some build one, you can do it easily and free at

free servers. The sites suggested are certainly sober but it

If you would have some difficulties with a stage or with another, I
remain readily at your disposal for further information.

I wish you all my wishes of success in your steps.

* * * * * *

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Why bring visitors on your site ?

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